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Knowing the Past Opens the Door to the Future:The Continuing Importance of Black History Month
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GRAND FORKS  IBEW Office    701-775-7601
AE2S-Grand Forks, ND                         701-402-0339
Apollo Electric-Grand Forks, ND           701-746-9118
Comeau Electric-Grand Forks, ND         701-775-4608
Hansen Electric-Bemidji, MN                 218-751-5833
Ideal Electric- Grand Forks, ND 701-330-4259
Latozke Electric-Cavalier, ND                701-265-2615
Lovro Electric-Mayville, ND          701-371-1859
Northern Valley Electrical Services-Grand Forks, ND 701-757-3865
Rick's Electric-Fosston, ND 218-207-9047
Warrior Energy LLC, Devils Lake, ND 701-662-6696
FARGO-MOORHEAD  IBEW Office       701-232-1637
Arrow Electric-Fargo, ND                     701-429-8969
Brackin Electric-Wahpeton, ND            701-899-1880
City Wide Electric-Fargo, ND                701-306-6718
Dakota Electric-Fargo, ND                   701-235-7581
First Nation Electric-Fargo,ND 701-893-8146
Gary & Sons Electric-Fargo, ND           701-232-0555
GFE Electric-Fargo, ND                        701-282-0998
GM Electric-Fargo, ND 701-367-6366
Green & Gold Electric-Fargo, ND          701-866-7375
Halverson Electric, Inc.-Fargo, ND       701-552-3910
Infinity Electric-West Fargo, ND           701-371-8780
John Travis Electric-Mooreton, ND        701-640-0615
King Electric-Fargo, ND                       701-280-2333
Mat's Electric-Moorhead, MN 218-443-2739
MEI Technologies-Fargo, ND                701-364-5678
Moorhead Electric-Fargo, ND               701-364-5678
New Horizons Electric-Fargo, ND          701-729-9473
Premier Electric-Fargo, ND                  701-293-6390
Rick Electric-Moorhead, MN                 218-233-6194
Rickard Electric-Fargo, ND                   701-281-0766
Robert Gibb & Sons-Fargo, ND             701-282-5900
RZ Electric-Fargo, ND                         701-541-0367
Sun Electric-Fargo, ND                        701-281-9140
Wir3d Electric-West Fargo, ND             701-347-1972
ALEXANDRIA-FERGUS FALLS            701-232-1637
Cossette Electric-Fergus Falls, MN 218-770-7919
Leaf River Electric-Blufton, MN             218-385-4130
Otter Electric-Fergus Falls, MN  218-770-7918

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Oct 01, 2019

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Bid a Job

Click here to bid.

Bids that are received between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday will not be accepted.  Open calls may be taken at any time.

Rocky Mountain Contractors 2/14/20 - 1 Journeyman Lineman working 7-10's in the Ellendale, ND area.  CDL is required.  $200/day per diem.


Member Re-Sign
ALL resigns will be made from the 10th through the 16th of each month. 


"A" construction members are now required to participate in Building & Trades at a fee of $54 per year for North Dakota residents and $26.80 for Minnesota residents.
The North America’s Building Trades Union, exists to provide support for unionized workers in the construction industry of North America. Our goal at B&T is to promote growth and development of construction trade unions to ensure a safe, fulfilling, working environment for tradesmen and women in North America. A strong sense of support for and between unions and union workers allows trade unions to have a real, strong, presence in their community and government at both a local and national level. By working together with other local unions in North Dakota and Minnesota, tradesmen and women benefit in terms of safety, economics, and, representation.
More information on North Dakota's Building Trade's Union can be found at

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