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Please check the training link calender for exact dates and locations.

Books will be cleared.

All Inside Wireman books will be cleared Monday, June 24th at the close of business.  All those currently on the Grand Forks AND Fargo worklists will need to re-register no earlier than 9:00am Tuesday, June 25th. 

Local Union President

Jason Suckut

Local Union Vice-President

Scott Sansburn

Local Union Treasurer

Alex Kautz

Local Union Recording Secretary

Jon Kuehn

Business Manager/Financial Secretary/Delegate to the International Convention

Jamie Helgeson

Executive Board At Large

Eric John

Andrew Klinger

Jeremy Krause

Derek Sondreal

Steve Walsh

Delegate to the International Convention, At Large

Mark Wasfaret

Steve Walsh

Grand Forks 2019 Graduating Apprentices
Fargo 2019 Graduating Apprentices
Fishing Tournament 2019
Fishing Tournament 2019
Building Corp 2018

Building Corp 2018
Holiday Parade 2018
Holiday Parade 2018
Holiday Parade 2018
Holiday Parade 2018
Holiday Parade 2018

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed for electrical work on the Veterans Memorial Park in Grand Forks.  Please call the Grand Forks or Fargo office for information.

"Giving kids clothes and food is one thing, but it's much more important to teach them that other people besides themselves are important and that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use them in the service of other people."

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farmworkers Union


"A" construction members are now required to participate in Building & Trades at a fee of $42 per year for North Dakota residents and $26.80 for Minnesota residents.

The North America’s Building Trades Union, exists to provide support for unionized workers in the construction industry of North America. Our goal at B&T is to promote growth and development of construction trade unions to ensure a safe, fulfilling, working environment for tradesmen and women in North America. A strong sense of support for and between unions and union workers allows trade unions to have a real, strong, presence in their community and government at both a local and national level. By working together with other local unions in North Dakota and Minnesota, tradesmen and women benefit in terms of safety, economics, and, representation.

More information on North Dakota's Building Trade's Union can be found at

Bid a Job

Click here to bid.

Bids that are received between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday will not be accepted.  Open calls may be taken at any time.

Moorhead Electric 6/19/19 - 1 JW working 4-10's at Minn-Dak Sugar in Wahpeton.  ND License and drug test required.  Transportation provided from Fargo.  **OPEN CALL**
Moorhead Electric 6/18/19 - 1 short call working 5-8's at CNH in Fargo.  ND License and drug test required.  Start date is 6/24/19.  **OPEN CALL**
Hunt Electric 6/14/19 - 5 JWs working 4-10's at solar project in Osakis, MN with sub pay.  MN License required.  **OPEN CALL**
Moorhead Electric 6/13/19 - 2 Journeyman Lineman working 3-12's and 1-10 in the Adams/Edmore, ND area.  CDL and drug test required.  $80/day per diem.  Start date is 6/24/19.  **OPEN CALL*
AE2S/EIM 6-5-19 - 3 JW working 4-10's and 1-8 at the GF Water Treatment plant. ND License, background check, drug test and steel toed boots.  Transportation will be provided from Fargo to the Job Site.  **OPEN CALL**
Moorhead Electric 4/30/19 - 4 short calls working 4-10's and 1-8 on a 5-8 schedule at Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, MN.  MN License and drug testing required.  Up to $80/day incentive pay (call office for info).  **OPEN CALL**
Sun Electric 4/23/19 - 1 JW working 4-10's at the Langdon Airport in Langdon ND.  ND license, direct deposit, drug testing.  $50 a day sub.   **OPEN CALL**   
Sun Electric 4/23/19 - 2 JW working 6-10's at American Crystal Sugar in Drayton ND.  Direct deposit, drug testing.    **OPEN CALL**    
Sun Electric 4/4/19 - 4 JW working 4-10's and 1-8 at Cavendish Farms in Jamestown, ND.  ND License and drug test required.  $50/day sub pay. Transportation provided from Fargo.  **OPEN CALL**
AE2S/EIM 4/4/19 - 2 JW working 4-10's at the EGF Beet Factory and surrounding area.  ND and MN license required.  Background check, drug test, steel toed boots.  **OPEN CALL**   
Moorhead Electric 3/1/19 - 4 JWs working 4-10's and 1-8 on a 5-8 schedule at Digi-Key in Thief River Falls, MN.  MN License and drug testing required.  Up to $80/day incentive pay (call office for info).  **OPEN CALL**

Member Re-Sign
ALL resigns will be made from the 10th through the 16th of each month. 
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